Ons volgende nestje is gepland voorjaar 2019.
Nakayama is op 10 mei bevallen van 7pups, alle pups zijn besproken.

Stamboom en meer info over deze combinatie; link

Our puppy's are born in our house, so they get used to all sort of sounds and they get to know the 'family life'. Puppy's will meet in the first 8 weeks; other animals (cats, dogs, ...), humans, children, traffic, , … As soon as it can (and enable it again) The pups will be found out in the special puppypen. So they can get used to new sounds outside and a new environment. They go to the market, the forest, school, … We try to socialize as much as possible by exposing them to as many new situations.
(al onze pups worden op 7weken geröntgend op een 8ste ruggenwervel (LTV4), alle pups zijn DM vrij)

When the puppies to their new homes they leave;
* Vaccinated
* Dewormed
* Chipped
* in possession of a European passport.

Uiteraard zijn de pups in het bezit van een FCI erkende stamboom!