We feed our dogs as “the rules of nature”. Our dogs get raw meat, this in a well-balanced menu NRV. Below is a detailed explanation of NRV, so you get a picture of the diet of our dogs.


Raw Natural Feeding.
Although most people today carry chunks, there are people who give their dog a raw natural diet. With natural raw feed is meant a diet consisting of raw meat bones, muscle- and offal, whether or not supplemented with vegetables, raw eggs, biogarde and other healthy additions. In a self-made diet, various species varied because each species and each kind of meat has a different composition. As with humans variation for dogs is also very important: if so be that you make sure you eat balanced. A dog does not need to eat every day complete: by varying a period of about two weeks, you make sure that a dog receives all he needs.

Raw food has a high digestibility and contains a few other substances dog where the dog has no use but which must be excreted by the body. Dogs that get raw foods therefore have fewer bowel movements than their counterparts padded chunk. In chunks is indeed much grain and other materials where a dog has nothing to. The stool also makes it much stronger, and you have for example, even a small risk of anal gland problems. Because the stool is harder to be automatically emptied!

Dogs are true carnivores, their whole digestive system is adapted to eating raw foods. They have only a very short tract, their saliva contains no amylase (a carbohydrate-splitting enzyme typical of herbivores and omnivores) and their teeth meant to eat raw bones. Compare the teeth of the dog, but even with those of a wolf: they are almost identical and typical of a meat eater. Dogs that eat raw bones and larger cuts of meat usually keep their teeth clean themselves well: Indeed, it cleans their teeth and massaging their gums and left in a good condition. You do not have to worry that the bones will splinter as long as the bones but not cooked, fried or heated in some other way.

A dog on a raw diet a very acidic stomach acid causing bacteria are slain, dogs are much less susceptible to bacteria than we humans. Because raw foods among other things, good and not dead boiled contains vitamins and minerals dogs receive it also makes it a better resistance.

Of course it is important to read in yourself first on the matter, but you need to be sure not to be a rocket scientist to. In addition, there are now many sites about raw foods and also forums where people are present who can help you with a balanced menu.

For those who compose it yourself is not sitting down KVV (ready fresh meat) a good 2nd choice. These are ready-made meals that have ground away from some chopped. If you choose to give an AFC regularly try to give some pieces vleesbot and tripe: so a dog will meet his need to chew.

Raw food is out that it is very healthy and natural is also very nice and fine for a dog, they are delicious satisfied after eating their meal and sit visibly better in their own skin!